University of RAEC

University of RAEC is a digital educational environment with its own unique content, a platform for remote self-learning of the staff of 14 RAEC member companies.

About the project:

Aims: improvement of the training quality, professional development of electrotechnical industry specialists, certification.

University of RAEC creates a community of professionals, ready to change the education in the industry.

The University is an e-learning platform that lays the foundation for the training of the staff of 14 RAEC member companies.

Comprehensive content processing and preparation of the training courses by the best experts of RAEC member companies allows us to achieve high results of our training.

University Team

Izraylit Ekaterina

Head of the Project

Kirill Kramar

E-learning senior specialist

Arthur Litvintsev

Senior technical methodologist

Ekaterina Petrovskaya

Senior methodologist

Expert council

Ryabchitsky Maxim

Scherbak Adele

Belskaya Natalya, Koshelev Boris

Burdaev Eugeniy

Klyuzhin Eugeniy


15 companies in 1 project

Simultaneous access to the target audience

Knowledge management

Automated certification for your product

Managing investments in training

Analytics and efficiency evaluation

Interesting content

Professional team of designers

Providing solutions for training

Ability to create a knowledge database for your product

Services of the University

  • Access to the system
  • Analytics
  • Content development
  • Compulsory testing and certification of staff and clients
  • Voluntary testing of students, applicants, staff


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New Course “Boards and Cabinets” Launched The course was developed by representatives of Toledo and the University team.


The University of RAEC Announced a New Course Another novelty of the University has become the course "External Lightning Protection".


“Metal Pipes”: New Course of the University of RAEC The new course is dedicated to metal pipes and metal hoses.


ERA Announces Training Leaders The results of training on the ERA courses in the system of the University of RAEC for the 3rd quarter have been summed up.


The University of RAEC and ERA Extended their Cooperation The parties have signed a cooperation agreement for 2020.


The University of RAEC Autumn Session On October 28, a “fruitful” Autumn Session of the University of RAEC was held in Moscow.


First Schneider Electric Course in the University of RAEC System The “Modular Equipment ACTI 9” became the starting point of the collaboration between the University of RAEC and Schneider Electric.


Winners Arena: Sales Colosseum of the University of RAEC On August 23, a large-scale event of the University of RAEC was held in Moscow.  


First DKC Course Issued by the University of RAEC

“Basic DKC Products” course became the first in the series of training materials of the supplier.


News 1 - 9 из 25
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