Entrepreneur Confidence Index in electrotechnical industry of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Community

The Russian Association of Electrotechnical Companies and the Lighting Business Consulting Company join efforts in building a civilised market of electrical equipment and launch a joint project to measure the Entrepreneur Confidence Index (ECI) of the electrotechnical industry of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Community.

ECI is an indicator which, based on the answers obtained from companies’ CEOs regarding the data on their residual stocks, associated demand, and the forecast of further production, allows to characterise the economic activity and provide pre-emptive information on potential fluctuations of economic variables.

Purpose of the survey:

timely acquirement and analysis of qualitative information on the condition and the dynamics of the business activity indicators of the electrotechnical market players.

The survey technique:

Monthly online interviews of companies’ CEOs/owners on the current status of their business (seasonally adjusted) and changes expected in the nearest three months.

The survey does not include lighting companies, for which a separate ECI is available at the LBC website.

RAEC and LBC welcome participation in building up the Electrotechnical Products Manufacturers and Distributors Index. You can submit your application after filling the form following the link.