MOONLIGHT – 360° sealed lighting solutions

New flexible neon tapes MOONLIGHT from Arlight to embody your brightest ideas!


Flexible neon with side bending and a popular size of 6×12 mm is characterized by high luminous efficiency and the degree of dust and moisture protection IP67. It can be used in various fields such as light advertising, decorative installations, and architectural lighting.

The range includes models with a glow temperature of 3000K, 4000K, and 6000K.

The series has a huge range of accessories made of anodized aluminum and transparent plastic.

Neon U

This unique type of neon has a three-sided U-shaped glow and a radiation angle >180°, as well as a cross-section of 12×13 mm and a vertical bend TOP.

Neon tapes with a three-sided glow are a perfect solution for display windows and other objects calling for volumetric light bands.

A high color rendering index (CRI>90) and a luminous flux of more than 800 lm/m ensure high-quality lighting of the showcased products.

Neon MOONLIGHT 5000S U TOP is one of the brightest among similar sealed tapes.


The original circular cross-section of 18×18 mm provides an incredible glow surface of 360°. Use the phenomenal brightness of 1000 lm/m, CRI>90 and excellent flexibility to implement unusual installations indoors and outdoors.

Neon size 25×25 mm and a luminous flux of 950 lm/m is also available.

The series' main accessories are transparent plastic holders of two types: TU and TN. The first one can be attached to the surface with neon then cased in it. The second type covers the neon.

Please note that ROUND neon cannot be cut.

Neon with DMX512 and SPI control

Sealed tape with a cross-section of 12×17 and 13×12 mm with pixel control SPI and DMX512 is designed to implement lighting effects of various complexity: "running fire", dynamic drawings, design of drama shows, media facades, etc.

The series also includes specialized accessories — power connectors and intermediate connectors with power supply.

Neon IP68

This sealed tape has a cross-section of 12×24 mm and a maximum degree of dust and moisture protection suitable for all weather conditions in any room and even underwater!

A choice of neon with several glow colors is available: daytime white, warm white, and RGB.

You can use the series 1712 fasteners for mounting.