What's new at EKF: Automatic transfer of MCB reserve

Transfer switch MCB EKF PROxima is designed to provide backup power supply to the load connected to the power supply system with the main and backup input. 

The transfer switch automatically connects the backup power line in case of loss of voltage on the main line. It is designed as a monoblock and consists of a control unit and two modular circuit breakers. The control unit has a manual switching lever. This is designed to reduce the size and area of transfer switch installation.

·         combined function of transfer switch and protection against short-circuit currents and overload;

·         manual and automatic modes of operation are available;

·         lever for switching the control mode;

·         option of switching with aluminum and copper wire with the range of 16–63 A;

·         7-year warranty.

Transfer switch is recommended for I and II category customers.