IEK conducted training for KrasnodarElektro

Extensions, tees, IEK pads became the topic of today's training for RAEC member's specialists.

In particular, together with an IEK GROUP representative, they delved into the features of some UNO extension cords.

Advantages of Uno IEK® home extension cords:

·         One of the sockets is rotated by 90° for convenient connection of multiple appliances.

·         The holder on the body makes it easy to fix the extension on vertical surfaces.

·         Aesthetic look and modern design.

·         3-year warranty

·         Uno IEK® home extensions design features

·         Body material – flame retardant polypropylene.

·         The connector is made of high-quality brass.

·         Protective curtains prevent electric shock and contamination of the functional part of the socket.

·         PVC cable is durable and flexible with double insulation.

·         Disassembled fork with anti-cracking element.

·         Indicator button for detecting the extension cord in the dark.

·         Stranded cable cores are 100% copper.