Online Interlight+Building Symposium was a success

The Interlight+Building symposium was first held on November 26: it was a live stream of Interlight, Building and Smart City sessions. The symposium was sponsored by the Light+Building exhibition. In total, 904 unique visitors watched the broadcast. 

The sessions covered a wide range of issues.

Executive Director of RAEC Viktor Svintsov moderated the Building session with the following speakers:

·         Evgeny Oistacher, founder of the EKF brand;

·         Vladislav Onishchenko, President of the CSR;

·         Aleksander Ruchyev, President of Osnova Group;

·         Oksana Zhukovskaya, Project & Product Office Director at MRF Center of Rostelecom;

·         Mikhail Trifonov, CEO at Delta Controls;

·         Roman Vroblevsky, Head of Technology for Buildings and Structures Department, Honeywell;

·         Elena Ivanshina, Head of the analytical group at MegaResearch*.

During the session, developers and manufacturers smart home of solutions discussed that the expected decrease in revenue and profit (17% and 16%, respectively, according to the Center for Strategic Development) in the construction industry by the end of 2020 has not prevented growth in the field of smart and digital technologies. According to RAEC, despite the general drop in the global electrical equipment market in 2020 (-3%), the market is expected to reach the same indicators as in 2019 (+2%).

On the topic of the impact the pandemic had on the construction industry, Yuri Khakhanov (energy efficiency cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation) and Aleksandr Ruchyev (Osnova Group) agreed that biosafety is the leading trend in 2020; at the same time, according to the Skolkovo representative, 90% of technologies in this area are Russian. Roman Vroblevsky (Honeywell) noted that businesses too are starting to express a more attentive attitude to environment in a building. There is also an increase in demand for contactless solutions (Honeywell, Rostelecom).

The Interlight session was organized by the Association of LED manufacturers and systems based on them (APSS) supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Manufacturers (TPK Varton, LLC MGK Lighting Technologies, TM Arlight) discussed with professional associations (APSS, ARPE, RAESCO) the current issue of supporting Russian manufacturers in public procurement, issues of changing the criteria for defining lighting products as Russian, updating PP1356, and more. Vasily Shpak (Ministry of Industry and Trade) noted that increased attention to the development of domestic electronics is associated with both the risks and restrictions caused by sanctions and the pandemic. Andrei Ryzhov (Arlight) noted that the Arlight plant in the EurAsEC zone will not stand in the way of the company's plans, since it does not participate in public procurement.

At the Smart City session, partnering with Russian-German Chamber of Commerce, they discussed the growing demand for security technologies due to the pandemic. According to IDC, the cost of digitalization due to the pandemic has increased: by 2024, the cost of smart cities and communities will amount to $203 billion with investment, including in public safety, civic engagement, and smart city platforms. Oleg Novichkov (Reutov city administration) shared his experience in implementing smart city systems in Reutov: the city became a pilot project in Moscow Oblast, but the fight against COVID-19 slowed down this process. Recently, the Chief Architect of Sochi, Anton Glushkov, spoke of the city's large-scale digitalization plans. Dmitry Markov (VisionLabs) noted the trend of remote authentication: it is in demand in many areas, including banking. Experts noted the lack of ethical standards for the use of biometric data of citizens fixed at the federal level. Between security and privacy, experts (such as Denis Serechenko at Huawei Enterprise) prefer the former. Saken Yusupov (LEDIL) highlighted the importance of properly selected lighting for building a “safe city”.

The Golden Photon Award ceremony marked the end of the Interlight+Building Symposium.

Event organizers: Messe Frankfurt RUS and Lighting Business Consulting.